Delegation from Netherlands STC-Group visited JMI

Publisher:系统管理员Release Time:2019-12-11Number Of Visits:395

On June 10, Mr. Addy Houtappels, Senior Project Manager, STC Group, visited our university accompanied by Mr. Chen Leiyuan, Chairman of board of New Ship Group. On behalf of JMI, vice president Miao Keyin extended a warm welcome to the guests to visit our school, and then the two sides exchanged in-depth views on the cooperation projects such as the teacher exchange between the two schools and the training of high-quality maritime talents.

Li Enliang, director of the international education exchange and cooperation division, presided over the welcome ceremony. At the welcome ceremony, vice president Miao Keyin briefly introduced the basic situation of JMI and the latest measures and achievements of internationalization progress at JMI, and especially pointed out that on the basis of our delegation's previous visit to Netherlands STC-Group, the return visit of Mr. Addy Houtappels will further deepen the friendship between the two universities and promote the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future. President Ma Changshi of Jiangsu Crew Service Association attended the welcome ceremony on behalf of the association, introduced the general situation of the association and the general situation of Jiangsu crew, and expressed good wishes for the smooth opening of friendly cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Addy Houtappels, Senior Project Manager of STC Group, introduced the school running concept of maritime education in Netherlands, the long running history and good teaching facilities and conditions of maritime and logistics majors, and fully demonstrated the profound school running details of the STC-Group. He also expressed his vision and ideas for cooperation and exchange with JMI. Then, the two sides had a heated discussion on the future exchange and cooperation projects in student exchange, teacher exchange, curriculum introduction, credit mutual recognition, etc., with a harmonious atmosphere and remarkable achievements. After the meeting, the delegation visited our ship's intelligent engine room and navigation simulator. Members of the delegation praised and approved the advanced training equipment and teaching conditions of our school.

The delegation from Netherlands STC-Group visited JMI successfully, which will lay a foundation for exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and the three parties in the future.